Hotel Amenities in South Haven, MI

There are a total of 16 different types of hotel rooms that we offer to our guests at Waters View Inn. This is done in order to ensure that everybody can find exactly the type of room that they are looking for and can afford.

We have certain amenities that you will find in every one of our rooms across the board. These include things such as:

  • Roku TV with streaming: Kick back at the end of a long day and just enjoy some of your favorite television programs. We offer a Roku TV with streaming options that will help you feel like you are back at home with all of your favorite channels and movies. We may even have a few favorites on the list that you don’t personally have back at your own home. Anything we can do to help make your entertainment experience more enjoyable is on our list.
  • Private bathroom with shower: Every one of our rooms includes a private bathroom with a shower so that you can take care of your hygiene needs every day after you’ve spent some time at the beach or simply milling around town.
  • Soap, conditioner and shampoo: Leave your toiletries behind and allow us to take care of this for you. Every one of our rooms comes with complimentary soap, conditioner and shampoo so that you don’t have to think about it.
  • Individual heat and cooling controls: Everyone likes a different temperature in their room in order to feel comfortable, and we want to make sure that you are in charge of the temperature of your specific room. As such, all rooms include heat and cooling controls.

Common Areas

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