About the Inn

The Waters View Inn has experienced numerous changes over its many years in operation. It was originally constructed in 1883 by a Civil War captain. At first, the place was known as Park Grove Place, and local historians think that it is the first resort built in all of South Haven.

It was later purchased in 1923 and renamed the Plaza. At this point, there were Friday night fish dinners and spaghetti dinners held on Saturdays. When the dinners were concluded, the tablecloths would be taken out and the poker chips would be brought in. Many people enjoyed a little bit of gambling during that period of time.

The Lost Years

There was a period of time from 1959 to about 1979 when the inn was all but abandoned. Many people believed that it would eventually be knocked down. However, in 1979, Mary Hammer purchased the inn. She was looking for a duplex but ultimately came across this building and decided to buy it. At that time, she named it the Last Resort Inn.

In 1983, the building became the first bed and breakfast in all of South Haven and continues to operate in this fashion to this day.

Modern History

Interestingly, the inn received the name Waters View Inn on April 30, 2022. The change of name is literally that recent and it was changed to this in order to add extra emphasis to the fact that it has a beautiful view of the lakes and that there are incredible breakfasts served at this location.

The world will now know the inn as the Waters View Inn for the foreseeable future, and the chances of it remaining in operation appear very high at this time, as it is in a beautiful location and people receive amazing service and food when they come here. It is great that a piece of history has been held onto for as long as it has. It is all due to the tireless efforts of those who wanted to preserve the history of this impressive building.

Kristina Lindemulder

Kristina is a South Haven native who loves people, planning & hosting events, and enjoys being outside! She lives on a farm outside of town with her husband- Jim and three children – Noah (4), Nevaeh (2) Jakob (5mo). She is a very active member of St. Basil in South Haven. If you can’t find her at the B&B or Church you can find her on the farm gardening, riding quads or out fishing somewhere!

Sarah Peterson

Sarah is a South Haven native with a love for cooking and the great outdoors. When she is not cooking up amazing breakfasts for her guests you will find Sarah biking or taking nature walks with her 2 girls Dorothy(8) and Eleanore(6), her niece AmirahKay (6), and husband, Sean. She is also an active member of The First Congregational church of South Haven and loves being involved in as many community events as she can.

Childhood Friends

Kristina and Sarah met in 2nd grade as Girl Scouts. They quickly became great friends. Throughout high school you could find them both working around the community and helping wherever they could. As young adults the met their husbands and decided to settle down and raise their families in South Haven. In 2021 they took over the Last Resort. They now share a two sided desk and get to work together while giving back to the amazing South Haven area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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When is Breakfast?

Breakfast will be served between 8:30 and 11:00am. At check in you will have the option between having a plated breakfast delivered to your room or one of our beautiful patios or join us in the dinning room for breakfast.

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What time is Check In?

Check-in is at 3pm. Early check-in is at 1pm and must be purchased in advance. Late check-in – if arriving after 5pm (EST) please notify us in advance so that we can go over late check in procedures.

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What time is Check Out?

Check out is at 11am. Late check out is 12pm but must be purchased in advance.

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We have limited on site parking. One space per room! Guests that will be bringing 2 cars – one must park on the street (street parking is free). Feel free to ask the front desk if there are extra parking spots for the day.

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Do you have cable?

We have Roku TVs in all the rooms. With this you are welcome to watch the Roku channel for free or log into any streaming services you have. We also have fiber for Wi-Fi so connection is never a problem.

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Are you pet friendly?

Due to pet hair/dander/allergies we cannot allow pets at the Inn. Sorry!

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Do you have beach towels, beach chairs….?

We try our best to have your needs on hand. We do have some beach towels and chairs on hand however it is a limited supply. You are welcome to what we have available.

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What is in the guest kitchen?

The guest kitchen is open to all guests. It has a coffee pot, full size refrigerator, microwave, dishes & wine glasses, sink and dishwasher. Guests can also make arrangements to have a hot plate and pans as well as access to a large gas grill.

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What amenities are available?

The guest kitchen will be fully stocked with coffee, tea, hot chocolate, bottled water and other refreshments. Evening snack will be set out on the counter between 5-7 pm.


*Regardless of when a reservation is booked, a $35 cancellation fee will be applied, this is to help cover the card and booking fees.*

*Reservations cancelled less than 2 weeks prior to arrival, guests are responsible for the entire deposit UNLESS we re-book the room for all nights originally reserved.*

*Should it be necessary for guests to depart earlier than the confirmed departure date, no refunds will be applied UNLESS we re-book the room for all nights originally reserved.*

*Changes to an existing reservation may result in a re-booking or cancellation fee.*

**PLEASE NOTE: We will make every effort to re-book the room in the event of a last minute cancellation.**

*If you have cancellation concerns, vacation insurance is available from several providers online to inexpensively protect you in the event of unforeseen circumstances.*

We are unable to accept pets due to allergies and damages, Sorry!!!!

For the safety of our staff – guests who have medical supplies that must be disposed of during their stay (ex. needles), please bring safe Sharps disposable container.

A minimum fee of $50 will be charged for excessive cleaning, and/or loss or destruction of property.

Smoking is not permitted in any building on the premise, a $200 cleaning fee will be applied.
***Please no smoking on public decks***

****For the enjoyment of all our guests, quiet hours for decks and common areas, inside & out are between 10:30pm – 8:00am. You are free to come and go as you please however, be courteous that others may be sleeping. ****

Please Note:

  • 1. Peak season weekends have a 2 night minimum stay requirement.
  • 2. We reserve the right to change prices and/or minimum stay.
  • 3. We reserve the right to relocate 1 night stays to a similar room in size & price.

Towels: In order to conserve valuable natural resources, one towel set, (bath/hand/washcloth) per guest, per stay will be provided. Additional towels are available upon request.

Personal make-up removers are provided, please be considerate of makeup residue as there will be a $10 service charge for each towel that is stained beyond recovery or missing.

Beach towels are avalible at the front desk. First come first serve.